We create transforming experiences to generate
new ideas and opportunities, inspiring people and organizations
to anticipate the future and overcome their challenges.

At CMS Group, we are dedicated to creating transformative experiences that generate new ideas and opportunities, inspiring individuals and organizations to anticipate the future. Our experience in niche sectors has taught us that the quality of information is critical in differentiating success from failure.

For over two decades, we have worked to think, develop, and execute comprehensive events, systems, and solutions of the highest quality, based on our knowledge and capacity to analyze the present and future of each industry.

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We have organized over 800 events in America and Europe, all recognized as "Top of Mind" and business accelerators for decision-makers. With vertical solutions for industries such as Financial Services, Fintech, Payments, Insurtech, and Innovation, we understand who's who and connect the dots to anticipate the future of business.

We are driven by ESG values that we consider fundamental, such as inclusion, equality, diversity, and transparency. We believe that these are essential components that cannot be overlooked in the development of our projects.

We are Opportunities Connectors. Join the CMS World and let's accelerate together towards success.

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CMS creates the biggest scenario that brings together the most recognized leaders of their industry to exchange knowledge and opportunities worldwide. We produce and develop first class contents and extraordinary experiences to generate the birth of new ideas and projects to revolutionize the future of business.

Events as a Service

Do you want to organize a customized CMS event? Contact us! We offer all our infrastructure and expertise to impact the market in the best way possible. Fix your goals: Our success is that you fulfill them. OpenHub is the exclusive digital platform for knowledge and best practices in our community where everything happens: content, debates live and on demand, in real time. Join the CMS world!

CMS FieldTrip Experience

Our missions and innovation programs aim to accelerate a new generation of global leaders by connecting them with the most important centers of innovation and education in the world. Activities by industry or tailored to your company. Open or closed, in person (FieldTrips) or digital (Digital Trips), we mix access to knowledge, best practices and a world-class network.

Premio Best Performance

This Award is a milestone that highlights innovation, best practices, and success, grounded in excellence, transparency, and auditing. It takes place in Brazil, Europe, and Latin America, providing a platform for companies and professionals to excel. We encourage the recognition of success and drive innovation across various industries. Present your experience and become a BEST!

A world of innovation and business opportunities

Our events have transformed themselves into the most qualified tool so that companies and key decision makers in the industry can exchange ideas and generate opportunities. The following graphs confirm the strategic importance of CMS as the best place to do better business.



Director | CEO
Vice president


Managing Partner
Assistant Manager


Area Chief



82% of the professionals in our Conferences are the principal decision makers.



of the atendees of the latest editions of our conferences were able to generate high level interaction and business opportunities.


of the participants gave us a top grade (Excellence or Very good) in the general organization of the events.

8 out of every 10

participants graded our CONTENT as Excellent or Very good.


92% of participants said they would participate in our Conferences again.

The most prestigiuos companies endorse our events.