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Reasons to attend CMS events:

  • Because industry’s most prestigious executives will be present;
  • Because it will be a great opportunity to meet industry trends that add value to your business management;
  • Because it will be an excellent environment for developing commercial links;
  • Because together with industry experts you can generate new ideas and innovative visions;
  • Because we will gather industry’s key players and you are our special guest.

This set of activities and visits has been created for a group of 30 to 40 attendees: Top-level executives and decision makers from Latin America, and owners or high level directors of collections companies, credit bureaus, and creditors.
Interaction and knowledge exchange between visitors and local hosts.

NÚMEROS CMS - WEB (920 x 700 px)-13

Contact us!
Federico Falcón
+54 11 4313 4000

Contact from Brazil:
Madleine Rose Sprocatti
+55 11 3865-7013

Contact from Mexico:
Alejandra Castillo
+52 (55) 5293-9507

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